About the Artist

Gary Storm holds a J.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he previously earned a Ph.D. in English.  In addition to his children’s recordings, he has played viola and guitar and written songs for numerous bands.  Most recently he is a member of the rock band Wes Studi’s Firecat of Discord.  Gary’s previous and current lives include surviving as an all-night disc jockey, a substitute teacher, a high school English teacher, a taxi driver, an encyclopedia salesman, a telemarketer, a Tribal Law professor, a musician, an undergraduate English professor, a record store clerk, an independent scholar, an insurance defense attorney, a judicial clerk, a landlord, a stock investor, a clerk at Borders, a manufacturer of women’s apparel, and a water-law attorney.  Gary’s wife, Linda Storm, is an artist and a Montessori teacher.  You can see her art at www.lindastormart.com and at Last Gallery on the Right on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Gary and Linda were married live on the radio on WUWU-FM in Buffalo in 1983.  They have four beautiful accomplished children, April, Nathan, Cadance, and Juniper.

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