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One of the most extraordinary things about Julian Bream is the way in performance, during a demanding passage, he bugs his eyes and sticks out his tongue in a manner that would terrorize a gargoyle.  Every time I see him do it I nearly jump out of my seat and run screaming out of the auditorium.

Here he is boys and girls.

The greatest guitarist that ever was.

Greater than Segovia.  Greater than Jeff Beck.  Greater than Chet Atkins.  Greater than John McLaughlin.  Greater than Steve Vai.  Greater than Jimi Hendrix.  Greater than Doc Watson.

But guitar ain’t enough for the greatest that ever was.

Here he is not playing guitar, but rather lute.  You can hear him play a piece by Francesco da Milano who died in 1543.  They called Francesco “Il Divino”, so consummate was his skill on the lute.

What other names are there for Bream but “Bream”?

Francesco da Milano, “Fantasia I in C minor,” No publisher (No date).  From Julian Bream, The Woods So Wild, RCA Records, LSC-3331 (1972).  Album design – Not credited.