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A forgotten heavy rock trio.  Dust.  I received this disc from Louie the Mad Vinyl Junkie.  The members of the group were Richie Wise, Kenny Aaronson, and Marc Bell.  While this group is an interesting example of early American metal, it is important because its members made significant contributions in the punk world.  Aaronson and Bell were members of the Backstreet Boys, Wayne County’s incredibly hot band.  Bell played with Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and, most significantly, joined the Ramones in 1978 as Marky Ramone after Tommy left the band.

Dust put out two sick (in the positive murder death wipeout drowning leaden driving ponderous rock sense of the word) albums.  This album, Hard Attack, has a sick (in the creepy fascinating gory ugly captivating repulsive beautiful Frank Frazetta sense of the word) album cover.  Check this tune: “Learning to Die.”  Sick.

Dust, Hard Attack, Kama Sutra Records, KSBS2059 (1972).  Painting – Frank Frazetta; Art Direction – Glen Christensen.