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Acoustic guitar, no drums, no bass, no electricity, no amps, no chords, no broken eardrums.  Pure punk.  In my experience, Patrik Fitzgerald, was the first punk folk singer.  And this is surely one of the first punk ballads:

I don’t love you for your tattered tie
I don’t love you, and I don’t know why
I just love you for that
Beat – beat – beat – beat – beating
I’ve got a safety pin stuck in my heart
For you, for you.

The messages of his songs are melancholy, bitter, and true.  He seems to sing glaring from the corner of a bare room.  My copy of his first record is autographed with the strange inscription, “There was a man from Okinawa . . . . .”

Patrik Fitzgerald, “Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart,” No publisher (1977).  From Patrik Fitzgerald, Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart, 45 rpm E.P., Small Wonder Records, Small Four (1977).  Art – Final Solution.