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Listen to this is a prancing song in 5/4 time called “Saturday” by a British group named Decameron.

When they close up the market
and all the stalls come down
and the young men in their pickups
come in from all the country round
and they wind down the windows
and shout things at the girls
just because it’s Saturday.

This is a magic song in the middle of a forgotten album buried in the budget bins of the import section of a store that was going out of business.  Anyone who reads Giovanni Boccaccio (who lived from 1313 to 1375 and who wrote the 100 little tales compiled as The Decameron) can’t be anything but great.

Dik Cadbury and Dave Bell, “Saturday,” Scorpio Music (1975).  From: Decameron, Third Light, Transatlantic Records, TRA 304 (1975).  Art Direction – Philip Warr; Design – Pat Elliott Shircore; Photography – Keith Morris and Tony Evans.